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Zaneti Finishes 

Powder coat colours and textile
Designed by Zaneti R&D

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Our colours draw inspiration from
the coastal life of Greece and Italy

External & Internal Powder Coats


Azure Blue

Chilli Orange

Matte Red

Reseda Green

Matte Honey

Matte White

The Zaneti 2023 colour palette utilises colours that organically draw the attention to the eye.
Our colour chart remains exclusive to Zaneti, and is constantly refreshed.
We believe in offering a coherent colour palate that realms freedom of self expression.

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Colour block with

Reseda Green

The colour of nature and life.
Mix Reseda Green with landscapes of nature, or bring a fresh walk of life to a city escape.

An all white affair

Minimalism, that expresses clarity 

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Combine a colour

Subtle colour, use a white table with a coloured chair


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