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Para Light Para Light Para Light Para Light
Para Light
Para Light
Para Light
Para Light

Para Light


Lighting accessory
Small - 180mm x 150mm x 252/314mm H
Medium - 205mm x 150mm x 320/405mm H

Para is the perfect complement for the outdoors for creating mood lighting settings or for use as a hand-held lantern.

The extruded aluminium shell and handle ensure durability and a non-burdensome weight, which features a perforated pattern for softly dispersing light. 

A cylindrical LED-powered water resistant lamp nests at its core, featuring white light output with adjustable brightness. Ø100mm DIA x 150mm H. The lamp contains a lithium battery, which is rechargeable via Micro-USB input.

Size :


Reseda Green

The Zaneti product range has a textured finish that provides a great seating option for your patio or bar area. All tables and seating are great quality and suitable for residential and high-traffic commercial environments. All aluminium powder coated frames will never rust.

The lightweight frame has clean, minimalistic design that expresses an at once both reassuring and innovative concept.


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