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Altitude is a sophisticated, ergonomically designed furniture range that fits seamlessly into public spaces. Zaneti offers an on-the-go workstation that is convenient and comfortable.

The curved and stylish shape of the pieces would be at home in a hospital as much as in airport lounges, hotel lobbies, or shopping centres. Altitude's innovative design captures attention and offers functionality from the well-known Australian furniture company Zaneti.

With communication technology changing the way people work and where they work, the new and modern Altitude from Zaneti offers a convenient alternative, where public workspaces are easily accessible and luxurious to use. 

Fitted with Power, USB A, USB C chargers, and wireless charging opens new doors and opportunities.

Zaneti has found the solution to offering mobile office stations in large public areas. Used primarily by customers waiting for flights, accommodation, or patients and visitors. Ensuring that customers' unique needs are met is key to the success of businesses that can benefit from investing in this sofa-style seating.

Zaneti has developed a range of Altitude furniture that surpasses anything seen before, with their public sofas that are accented with neutral colours and durable fabric. The materials are sustainable and have a tidy and clean look with retro-fitted tables that are available to finish the look. 

The wood is suitable for high-traffic areas as it is solid and resistant. You have the option of a Vic Ash timber, or a high-pressure laminate. 

A spokesman for Zaneti added “We can customise the products we offer in the Altitude range to meet all requirements and colour palettes of our clients. We are in a position to offer delivery and installation with many add-ons that are requested.” 

Altitude public space furnishings from Zaneti are easy to maintain and constructed in positions and styles that suit the environment. There is the option of adding seating to lengthen or shorten to be able to fill any size space. 

The armrests are comfortable, attractive and enhance the Altitude seating, which follows all guidelines and is ADA / DDA compliant - brining accessibility to a soft seating concept.

They have a large flat platform in which to help users push up from when rising. This also assists with balance when sitting and standing. Quality, durability and sturdiness the armrests provide an added benefit to this attractive and innovative public space furniture. To maintain safety the armrests must be 40mm above the seat and the center of gravity evenly distributed.

Zaneti is a forward-thinking company that has manufactured Altitude to be an alternative and offer versatile public seating arrangements. The seats can be changed to accommodate smaller private seating with the addition of privacy panels. With premium quality, the materials used are put through stringent testing and meet the standards set by European laboratories. 

The furniture is treated with anti-corrosion which extends the lifespan and each piece in the Altitude range has a superb finish that is admired for its very professional look and feel. 

About Us

Zaneti is a reputable and reliable company that creates and manufactures practical furniture with clever designs for commercial spaces. Zaneti an Australian company has several ranges of commercial internal and external furniture. The latest addition is new ergonomically designed public workstation sofa-style seating aptly named Altitude. The materials are responsibly sourced and sustainable with a team of professionals that can assist with customers' requests, and questions make suggestions, and find solutions to all their client's unique needs and requirements. Zaneti puts the style in commercial and functional seating and offers public and hospitality businesses furniture that meets a very high standard. 

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Altitude - Chaise

Product Description:

Zaneti the inspirational lifestyle company offers their newest innovative, versatile public sofa-seating option for airports, hotels, hospitals, and shopping 

centres. Delivering big on comfort, durability, and functionality Altitude seating from Zaneti with integrated power options for USB and wireless charging is elegant, sophisticated and DDA compliant. 

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