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Good food, good company and good comfortable seating. This is what is expected when visiting bistros, bars, cafes, family restaurants or sophisticated Michelin star establishments. 

Choosing furniture for your restaurant is an exciting time, Zaneti furniture is stylish, modern, innovative and practical. Here are 5 main factors to consider when making the right furniture choice for your restaurant.

  • Size of tables
  • Shape of chairs
  • Cushion Material
  • Durability and weight
  • Colour palette

Your choices will determine spaciousness, comfortability, attractiveness, longevity and set the mood for your restaurant and this all contributes to giving your patrons the best dining experience.

With the furniture styles available from Zaneti you will find it will be easy and a pleasure to decorate your restaurant. The attention to detail in the designs are what make this furniture the popular choice.

Chairs slide easily under the tables but still allow plenty of legroom. Tabletops are correctly sized for plate settings leaving enough middle area for condiments and glasses. 

Contemplate aesthetics but it is very important to look at the sustainability of materials and whether they meet all regulations necessary to offer a product that will withstand extensive use.

What Size Tables Are Suitable For Restaurants?

The size of the tables will largely depend on how much floor space you have. Draw a floor plan positioning your tables to get the most out of your space. When deciding on what tables to use, think of who your guests are and whether you will be catering for couples, small groups or large families.

Give some thought to how best to accommodate bigger parties of guests without compromising your space. It is possible to have tables that can easily be set side by side to serve groups of 8 or more. The  Zaneti Agora Tables would be most suitable due to their square shape that easily fit alongside each other.

Restaurants with a bar area or outdoor patio are usually more casual, to extend on the Agora Tables use complementary Zaneti Agora Bar Tables which are also slated with a round base and have a matching colour palette.

Which Shape Or Design Of Chairs Should Be Chosen?

The Zaneti range of chairs is vast and you will be spoilt for choice with the different collections available. Banquet chairs in the Brighton Range are available in an array of colours and can be stacked after service.

It is a good idea to add captains chairs that have armrests but still slide easily under the table saving on space. The Sprout Collection looks very appealing when set up at tables for two promising a long romantic dinner as these chairs have a wide seat area and are very comfortable.

The manufacturing process includes resistance tests that determine Zaneti chair seats will withstand 47 years of use. The best seating in high traffic areas like the children’s play area are the  Brighton bench sets because they are colourful and spacious. 

What Are The Best Cushions To Choose For Restaurant Seating?

A key factor when choosing coverings for restaurant seating is that the fabric is easy to wash and keep clean. Zaneti uses a soft, breathable fabric that is waterproof and UV protected so it will not fade. 

Zaneti cushions and seat covers are manufactured to a very high standard. Upholstered with polyurethane foam for comfort.  Zaneti uses technical outdoor fabric which is best for health and safety and deflects any mould.

When you are choosing seating covers for your restaurant or cafe there is an option to have this fabric undergo a fireproof treatment. You are able to have peace of mind with this safe choice and create an appealing ambience with your soft furnishings.

Why Are Weight And Durability So Important When Choosing Hospitality Furniture? 

Interestingly, weight is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing hospitality furniture. Staff are expected to set up at the start of the day and pack away at end of service keep this in mind when purchasing furniture

Not only will the waitrons move the furniture for cleaning and storing but customers coming and going all day and night will be moving back and forth and lightweight durable furniture is a good choice.

Zaneti furniture is manufactured from aluminium, and easily stands the test of the elements year-round as aluminium does not corrode. The frames are anti-UV powder-coated and the chairs are easy to lift and stack, the tables are also light enough to move with ease.  

Another quality advantage of Zaneti furniture is that it remains cool to the touch even after being out in the sun all day. Pads and caps are fitted to feet and frames which adds to this premium stylish product and guarantees many years of use. 

What Colour Palette Should You Choose For Your Restaurant?

Using colourful furniture is a good opportunity to incorporate your restaurant colours by choosing furniture that can proudly show off your brand. Not only do Zaneti Collections come in a range of organic colours all the collections can be used together be that colours or styles.

With this quality product, you can decorate your bistro or bar in contemporary style with Matte Red tables and  Matte White chairs finished off with Azure Blue, Para Lights. Reseda green Planters will add a natural flourish to the area. 

Show off your Mediterranean Greek-style restaurant making use of the Matte White and Azure Blue bench sets for family gatherings. With the large table surface areas, it's easy to enjoy mezze platters as well as appreciate the colour theme.

Whatever you choose Zaneti has a colour palette for your restaurant. Create a special ambience with colourful furniture, cushions and accessories to make your guests feel special and comfortable.

Using some of the choices available from Zaneti’s commercial range of trendy styles and colours your restaurant will certainly boast quality and taste. When you choose to invest in high-end finishes such as Zaneti colourful furniture the proof is definitely in the pudding. 

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