Be bold with your colour choices and have some fun. Colour adds interest and vitality to a space and can uplift and energise you

And there is no right answer when it comes to adding colour to your outdoor space, if you are feeling confident then mix and match to your hearts content. If not stick with one main accent colour and repeat it in various ways throughout your space.

Chili Orange and Matte Red are really popular starting points. They are bold and bright and easy to match to other red or orange accessories. Create a designer feel by mixing with White or Anthracite. Or continue along the bright theme by adding Matte Honey or Reseda Green.

Visit the Colour page for more inspiration or just start adding colours to your colour board to create your own scheme. The key is confidence, by layering colour in various elements you create a theme. And using colour doesn't necessarily mean using bright colour. You can create interest and depth in a space by using neutral or natural colours.

Earthy tones such as Reseda Green beautifully against a traditional garden backdrop.