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Zaneti is, and always has been, a manufacturer of stunning metal garden furniture. While the designs and colours evolve over the years the basic material remains the same

Exceptional experience in manufacturing are applied to every new design ensuring it will be enjoyed by families and friends for generations to come.

But why metal? And which metals?

In general metal is strong, durable and can be manipulated into various forms. Beyond the long life inherent in metal furniture it is highly recyclable making it a very sustainable choice of material.

Steel and aluminium make up Zaneti’s raw materials of choice. Each offers different properties and is suitable for different situations and designs.



Aluminium, on the other hand is lightweight yet not as strong as steel. It's strength is enhanced by using larger pieces - chunkier legs on tables for example. Where a design calls for a larger frame or heavier looking legs Aluminium is the perfect choice as it provides this look without excessive weight.

These properties make aluminium ideal for collections such as the Brighton, Elite, Sprout and our signature Table range. Aluminium is also a non-ferrous metal, it doesn't have any iron content, this is why it is not venerable to rust.

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Combining materials

Each Zaneti collection utilises these materials for their benefits and in some cases both steel and aluminium are required to create the designer’s vision.

 Zaneti Brighton Family

Steel and Aluminium combine to create this stunning low table and seat from the Brighton family.

The Brighton Tables are a brilliant example of this. Aluminium provides a solid frame with a chunky profile that is not too heavy while for the beautifully curved top, thin sheets of electro-zinc coated sheet steel can be expertly folded to create the gentle rounded edges. 

It is the combination of design skills, manufacturing excellence and in-depth understanding of the raw materials that allows Zaneti to create such an array of stunning collections from these simple materials.


Beyond its design and manufacturing credentials, metal makes an excellent choice for garden furniture over the long term.

Combining high quality raw materials with excellence in manufacturing is only half the process. Each piece of furniture is coated in a process exclusive to Zaneti that ensures their furniture, whether it be steel, aluminium or both, will withstand the elements while continuing to look beautiful.

And for the inevitable bumps and scrapes that come with family life over the years Zaneti have small touch up pens to allow you to ensure the protective surface remains intact.


Want to know more? contact us, we are always happy to chat about our collection, how they are made and which of the many collections may suit your needs best.


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