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Creating a dining and lounge area outdoors can be a daunting task with all the options available. Explore Zaneti Outdoor Furniture Collections to help you find and decorate your patio, balcony and garden areas.  

A rule of thumb is to follow a colour through the space to marry both the dining and lounge areas. A nudge to the colour palette picked up from an accessory on the dining table, an art piece, or a rug covering the floor area. Use these accents of colour to hold and build your space.


What Dining Tables Are Suitable To Use Outdoors?

Dining outdoors should be an experience that is possible in all seasons and the Zaneti range of outdoor tables makes that possible. Their extensive range of dining tables is water and corrosion resistant, suitable to entertain family and friends and can be used individually or as part of a collection.

These collections are reminiscent of the natural world using recycled and recyclable materials, ergonomic designs and colours echoing nature. This quality product is  scratch and rust protected and is powder coated with an anti-UV coating making them durable in all weather.

The Brighton dining table and chair collection is a colourful and appealing design. If you are looking for a family patio dining table, a bar-style counter table for an entertainment outdoor area or a sleek intimate table for two the Brighton collection has it all.


How Many People Should An Outdoor Dining Table Seat?

The amount of people that you will be entertaining or who will be using the patio area is dependant on your particular circumstances. 

If you are furnishing with the idea that you want a space where everyone can dine together in one sitting or a bar style eating area there are many options to choose from.

For family dining get togethers for Sunday Lunch or Friday night dinners then an eight to ten seater like the Cascade Dining Table is a very stylish option.

There are many variables to consider when addressing your outdoor spaces the most important is space. Once you have established how much space you have you can then decide on how big or small your table needs to be for that outdoor area. 


What Are The Best Accessories For The Outdoor Dining Table?

Dining at a Zaneti table is an unforgettable experience enjoyed day and night so it is necessary to provide good lighting. Creating the right mood with lights can make or break a romantic evening or a successful dinner party. 

Para Lights will set the tone for any occasion they are available in Terracotta or Reseda Green and are rechargeable LED water-resistant lamps manufactured from sustainable easy to clean aluminium. They throw a soft dappled light over the table, setting the mood for an evening of entertaining.

Comfort is high on the list when creating an outdoor seating area.  Zaneti seat cushions  are produced from high-grade UV and Fade-resistant, water-resistant and mould resistant fabric. Not only are they are easy to clean, available in six beautiful, naturally inspired colours but are very comfortable.  


How To Choose Which Lounge Set Is Best For My Outdoor Area?

With decorating it is always a good idea to have a plan. Make a sketch of your ideas on how best to use the space and how best to arrange the seating, this can save time and energy. 

With your Zaneti dining set and chairs chosen, it's time to decide whether you would like to stick with the same style or change it up? The advantage of the Zaneti colourful outdoor furniture is the unique opportunity of using a collection such as the  Elite 3 Seater which is designed to complement any of the other collections.

Comfort is the default when choosing a lounge set for an outdoor area. These areas are notorious for being the relaxing hub of the home. Whichever lounge chairs you choose scatter or over sized cushions will offer extra support.


Is It Better To Choose A Coffee Table Or Side Tables For My Outdoor Lounge Area?

Space is a determining factor when deciding how best to use side tables or where to place the coffee table. The options for a large outdoor patio are the beautiful colourful tables and stools of the Zaneti Range which round off this casual area of the home with functional multi purpose small tables and stools.

Whilst it is convenient to have side tables sometimes space does not permit. For this reason and because this is a relaxed outdoor area the use of a Zaneti bench  doubling as a coffee table will save space and offer more seating options when needed. 


How Do I Connect The Dining and Lounge Outdoor Areas together?

Zaneti has uniquely designed their collections to be interchangeable and because of this it is easy to connect the dining to the lounge area. They work harmoniously highlighting the mediterranean colours and stylish finishes of each collection. 

Being a high traffic area this outdoor furniture range delivers on low maintenance, sustainability and comfort. Choosing to use the durable high-quality products from Zaneti these outdoor dining and lounge areas become a functional extension of the home.


The Finishing Touches

Outdoor rugs are seen more and more on patios and balconies and are wonderful for zoning your outdoor environment. Whether your space is small or large a suitably sized rug under the dining table and chairs will give definition to the area. 

Use the rug to pick up one or more of the colours in the Zaneti palette in the same way use cushions or a planter filled with flowers which will enhance the ambience of the area. Zaneti products will give your patio or balcony finesse and luxury. Zaneti Gallery

Zaneti offers a Guarantee Charter on their products for your peace of mind. This is a product that you will enjoy using for many years to come. Zaneti outdoor furniture will provide you with everything that you expect from Australian garden and patio furniture.

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