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Zaneti offers a sophisticated, refreshingly natural, Mediterranean colour range. Adding colour to your patio could not be easier when choosing such innovative and sustainable outdoor patio furniture.

The exclusive and beautiful outdoor designer furniture marries your indoor and outdoor colour palettes effortlessly. Taking inspiration from the natural world and adding colour to your outdoor area using Zaneti Colourful Outdoor Furniture will give a fresh and polished look.

What colour palette is suitable for my patio?

When adding colour to an outdoor space the colours should tumble over the threshold from the indoor room, connecting colour schemes seamlessly. Blending and mixing colours will add depth and interest to any patio.

Zaneti has designed colourful outdoor furniture that compliments and resonates with nature. Using a low garden table in one of the unique and inspiring organic colours will match the hues of the foliage, grass or flowers surrounding the space. 

Zaneti has produced vibrant colours that enrich the patio such as Azure Blue, Chilli Orange or Reseda Green to name a few. Zaneti Colour Palette

Where do I start adding colour to my outdoor space?

Start with a blank canvas, clear your patio of all items that you are not going to be using in the new arrangement. Choose a colour from the room that opens onto the patio, then make reference in the outdoor area by extending this colour onto your patio so the two areas complement each other.

A Matte White Outdoor Dining Table will be a good focal point and an easy accompaniment to future colours that you will be introducing to the area. Placing fun colourful side tables alongside neutral coloured loungers or two-seaters will subtly add to the colour scheme.  

How do I extend the base colours to my outdoor area?

The Zaneti range, styles and colours are designed to work together. Once the table is in place decide which colour or colours combine well and use those for your dining chairs. With a neutral base colour like Matte White or Reseda Green, you have the choice of any of the colourful outdoor Zaneti Chairs.  

Anthracite and Matte Honey work so well together with Matte White as the anchor colour.  Once the profile is set, paint one or two of the outdoor walls in the base colour of your choice this will make it easier to bring in other colours to work with.

Can I use accessories in an outdoor space to add colour?

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize is the best way to add colour without overdoing the palette. In addition to superior lightweight aluminium garden furniture choose to brighten your patio or balcony with a Zaneti planter in Reseda Green or a Matte Red Para Light

Using smaller items is a clever way to bridge areas by reinforcing the colour scheme in an understated way. Repeat colours by mixing Anthracite and Matte Red cushions on a two-seater, lounger or perhaps some seat cushions in Santorini Blue which always works well against the backdrop of a natural outdoor setting.

What is the best way to add colour to a small outdoor balcony?

Country French outdoor furniture is seen on many balconies both in the cities and villages in France and beyond its borders. More and more this trend has reached the shores of Australia. 

The ingenuity and imagination in how the French use colour is genius in its simplicity. Zaneti too offers this quality and advice on using and maintenance of their exquisite outdoor furniture on Australian balconies. 

Creating such beautiful and wonderful outdoor spaces are mirrored in the ergonomically, colourful and durable outdoor Zaneti collections. The Avenue Collection would suit and look stylish in a small intimate outdoor space. 

Consider a Zaneti Collection using bright, happy Chilli Orange chairs with an Anthracite table and A Planter in Azure blue or Matte honey which will uplift and enrich the environment. Grow green herbs that can be eaten in salads and add colour. Planting rows of lavender with their tips of purple flowers will add a little wisp of natural colour. 

How can I add colour to my green grassy outdoor area?

Oftentimes we overlook the green garden areas covered with grass aside from adding a jungle gym or monkey bars in the classic primary colours. The children, the swings and jungle gyms have grown and moved on. We are back to green shrubs, grass, trees and hedges. The most effective way to pay tribute to this lush green paradise is to add some zing in the way of a Bench Set. Chilli Orange will light a fire in the garden as hot as the Saturday night barbeque.  

What is the best way to add colour to the outdoor pool area?

Anthracite sunbed cushions covering Azure Blue Sun Lounges, the famous colour of the med creates a rich and relaxing poolside. Add a Matte Honey lounger set with the same colour Matte Honey seat covers and pick up the Azure Blue in the use of a couple of Reversible Throw Cushions or a Para light. This becomes a bright and exciting showcase of the colours you have chosen for this entertainment area. 

When choosing quality you will enjoy the satisfaction from this high-end product for years to come. Zaneti puts customers first and stands proudly behind their beautifully designed, coloured outdoor furniture which is made from recycled and recyclable materials. Zaneti Guarantee Charter

Tying it all together

Using colour in an outdoor space can be a journey to produce an area that will be enjoyed and admired for years to come. When using colour accents show restraint and the area will take on a polished look that will exude confidence and authenticity.

Colours are introduced into outdoor areas in many ways but the use of coloured metal garden furniture is a winner because it is durable, sustainable, colourful, versatile and looks stunning. Zaneti Gallery

With the Zaneti collections and ranges, the colours are complementary to the natural outdoor palette. To further increase the colours in outdoor areas use flowering climbing plants at the entrance to your patio in a contemporary planter in one of the Zaneti organic colours. Zaneti

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